Friday, April 24, 2009

Children of Time Awards

I had an e-mail that one of my stories, "1900" about the First Doctor, Steven, and Vicki, had been nominated for the Children of Time Awards. I wish I had known about this website sooner, as nominations for Round 3 are just about to close. I quickly laid all other work aside (which I shouldn't have done!) so I could nominate my favorite pieces from A Teaspoon and an Open Mind. I also self-nominated two of my stories, "Making It Stranger" for the cross over category, and "Once Is Never Enough," for Third Doctor stories. I will let you know when voting starts, but please, if you have time, go nominate some more stories in the First Doctor category--if there aren't enough nominated the nominees carry over to the next round (and when I looked there were 3 nominees).

Happy reading!

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