Wednesday, May 20, 2009

no more time lord smex!

I was really excited when I was nominated for Children of Time Awards and felt I had two duty-bound objectives after that. One was to nominate other pieces that I had read that I felt deserved an award; the other was to read all the entries conscientiously and then vote. I did manage to get quite a few people nominated which I hope made their days. The other objective was much more difficult than I had anticipated. It didn’t take nearly as much time and effort to get through the Classic Who nominees, in general because there were fewer, the quality of the writing was better, and they were more distinctive. But New Who! If I never read another fluff story about Rose and “10.5” (as is the current lingo to describe Doctor!clone), another NC-17 rated story about Jack, Rose, and Ten, or (please brace yourself) another implausible Donna/Ten story, it will be too soon!

Ideally I was going to encourage you all to the website to read the nominees yourself, but as I suspect your patience is the equal of mine, I’ll direct you to the categories in which I’m nominated and you can read those and decide for yourself. They are:

Classic Who > First Doctor
Classic Who > Gen Fic
Classic Who > Classic
Classic Who > Short Story
New Who > Crossover

I think it would be a bit unethical for me to reveal who I voted for before the results are in (you can vote until 31 May) but I do want to point out a few of the stories that I think deserve it. A Domino Falls by Mary_pseud is a sweet and entirely entertaining Second Doctor story that could, with a few tweaks, fit nicely into any Big Finish Short Trips collection. To my surprise there were quite a few excellent Harry Sullivan fics, my favorite being Best Served Hot by Rivendellrose. I’m a sucker for multi-Doctor stories, and one that’s both funny and moving is The Ten Doctors by JJPOR. Naughty or Nice by AND connected Christmas with Liz Shaw, and an Ian and Barbara story just warms my heart (Once upon a Time by atraphoenix). I don’t suppose anyone will care if I mention I nominated Daytripping by Lilacfree and Bright Star by Eponymous_rose.

Now that bit’s a cake walk compared to New Who. Still, I feel I should mention some of the diamonds in the rough. For example, The Man with No Name by Frostfyre is a DW/Firefly crossover. I really like the Valiant Tales by RobinC/Lindenharp, which give us insight into the lives of all those in the Master’s power on the Valiant in the Year that Never Was. Anyone who could bring life and character to Lucy Saxon was appreciated, such as Elisi in Mrs Saxon’s Diary.

As a big Martha fan (and one of the few, it seems) you may be surprised I didn’t vote for any of those in the Martha category. This is because, honestly, I thought none of the three choices were very good. Next time someone please nominate one of mine! That said, I really liked two of the Doctor/Martha nominees, Masquerade by Radiantbaby (which was fluff), and Nine Plus One by Persiflage (which was smex). The latter devolves a bit into PwP[1] but the idea is brilliant: Nine meets and falls in love with Martha.

I nominated The Ten Weddings of Donna Noble by Nety2k_girl in the multi-Doctor category. For humor (actually it was nominated in the Threesomes (!) category) I liked It’s Not Easy Being Green by Lostwolfchats where Nine, Rose, and Jack have to transform into Raxicoriofallapatorians in order to incubate Margaret Slitheen as an egg. Despite myself I couldn’t put Veritas Liberatus by Gillian Taylor/Dark_aegis down. Though the WiP[2] category was really strong, I enjoyed The Watchmaker by Lizbee.

And as for the smut. The pairings were fairly predictable as you can imagine, though as I alluded Donna/Doctor I find a bit strange. Nine Plus One would have had my vote were it nominated in PwP category; so might Asleep at the Switch by 51stcenturyfox (Rose and Jack switch bodies which, knowing Jack, you can imagine would be a pornographic disaster). I admit I was titillated at first reading my way through the PwPs, but it’s all gone a bit stale. I really am a bit disappointed with the New Who nominees, and I was so fed up by the time I finished reading them I didn’t bother to go on to the Torchwood or Sarah Jane Adventures categories.

Anyhow, there’s always next round.


[1] Plot? What Plot? A subcategory of smut. There’s even a category for it in the contest!

[2] Works in progress

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