Monday, March 29, 2010

CRANKY YANK addendum 2

curiousdave wrote me some notes on my earlier entry about phrases that differ between British English and American English. He noted that in terms of brand names, Americans are just as apt to use these in places of nouns, such as Kleenex instead of tissue, and we also say Scotch tape to meal Cellotape.

He also brought up the word “snog,” which, as he noted, sounds much dirtier than what it actually is. Also the word “chuffed,” which I don’t particularly like, and the word “knackered.” I know why that word is used to denote being bone-tired or exhausted: the knacker’s yard is where worn-out old horses went to be turned into glue (pleasant?). However, for a long time I thought it meant to be “knocked up,” so you can imagine my confusion. Along those lines, I think to “fall pregnant” has much worse connotations than to “get pregnant.”

I know I had more to add to this list, but I can’t remember them. Can you think of some? I like the fact that “mad” here has to do with your state of sanity rather than how angry you are, and that to be “pissed” (drunk) does not mean the same as to be “pissed off” or “p.o.-ed” (angry).

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