Friday, January 18, 2013

Gotham by Gaslight: A Tale of the Batman

Somehow I’d had no idea that Mike Mignola worked on Batman at some stage in his career.  As the penciller to Brian Augustyn (who I’ve never heard of before, but whose name suggests fin de siècle somehow), his drawings are tidy and workmanlike, resembling later Hellboy not very much.  Batman’s modus operandi and costume recall Masque, which makes sense (and I think they are from roughly the same date in DC era).  Commissioner Gordon is a jolly Teddy Roosevelt-lookalike.  The link between London and Gotham is tenuous, though the theory that the Ripper escaped to the US is a perennial one.  I won’t risk any spoilers, but it’s an entertaining little diversion. 


cackle_jr said...

Oh yeah I need to borrow this off you at some point.

Cee said...

Gotham By Gaslight is one of my all time favorite Batman stories and I remember going in when it came out not liking Mike Mignola's art that much having seen it on covers for such things as Classic X-Men. I would go on to love Hellboy but early I wasn't a fan.