Friday, June 3, 2011

Demons of Sherwood

originally written 05/01/2011

I always enjoy reading or watching remakes of Robin Hood, and as the foreword is written by Mark Ryan of Robin of Sherwood fame, it acknowledges the malleability of the legend. It dispenses with the normal setting of some time during the reign of King John I for a later date altogether—1326 during the reign of the similarly dastardly Edward II. However, it seems to have its heart set much later still—like the 16th century! For example, its Esmeralda-like Gypsy heroine wouldn’t have reached England until the 1500s probably. And the ungodly witchfinder general is surely a stab at the Puritans.

Despite this, and a rather unnecessary smattering of supernatural gore, I like the Robin and Marian story—quite unique to any before it. Robin is very appealing—more so than Jonas Armstrong’s angsty yet arrogant thief—even though he’s an inept recovering alcoholic. There are also flashes of wit from the regulars so, despite its historical lollygagging, it’s a worthy addition to the genre.

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