Thursday, August 30, 2012

Streets of Gotham: Hush Money

Batman:  Streets of Gotham:  Hush Money

This, however, I could really sink my teeth into, not least because of the beautiful artwork by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs.  And to be honest, I’ve never read a Paul Dini story I didn’t like.  

Hush Money takes place somewhat further along the storyline from R.I.P. (as illustrated by the fact it’s part of the “Batman Reborn” storyline, which replaces Bruce Wayne Batman with Nightwing/Dick Grayson Batman).  Hush (vol. 2, anyway) is one of my favorite Batman graphic novels, so I enjoyed getting into this one, which follows the villain Hush across the world.  And I didn’t even mind an occasional bevy (or several) of superhero entourages.  Catwoman is beautifully written and beautifully drawn.  And as I mentioned in R.I.P. review, Damian Wayne has become a lot more loveable.  

Back in Gotham, there’s a lovely cameo from Harleen Quinzel (that’s right, not Harley—Jokerless and for once, more or less, on the right side of the law).  Damian’s reaction to her—“She’s annoying.  May I cut out her tongue?”—is funny and painfully spot-on.  I don’t quite know how pre-teen hooker Katy fits into all of this, but I bet she will appear again.  Like R.I.P., there is a bit of foreshadowing in Hush Money in terms of how people attack Batman/Bruce Wayne in TDKR—Hush makes a daring, superficially-legitimate attempt to clear out the Wayne bank account.  

“Business” is a really enjoyable one-shot.  I’d definitely recommend you read Hush Money just for that.  

As I said, I like Nguyen’s style—it’s fluid, very modern-looking (which is for the best, I suppose, when you’re in a “Reborn” range!).   I absolutely adore his inkwash/watercolor covers as well.

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