Sunday, April 14, 2013

DC: The New Frontier vol. 1

I really didn’t know what to think of this.  I picked it up because of Darwyn Cooke, who has never steered me wrong before, but I’m really not into Justice League or any of those superhero conglomerates (aside from X-Men, I suppose).  Therefore, I found this a bit weird.  The cliffhanger is amazing, so I can only imagine vol. 2 is where it all pays off?  It’s very Ameri-centric, à la Red Son, but like that, in attempting to satirize, I think it did not critique as closely as it could have the very thing it wanted to satirize.  As in Red Son, it’s Batman and Wonder Woman who come out the most rational.  I’m not really familiar with the other characters so whatever vagaries they are going through as homages to the Silver Age, it’s lost on me.  Nevertheless, I can sort of appreciate the Watchmen-esque territory this is going into.  Will I read on?  We’ll see. 

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