Wednesday, April 16, 2008

april 16 {the poem project}


The wind’s gone crazy
shaking down leaves
to pattern the path
by the Science Library
whose slick revolving door
wafts some of them in,
which severed hands
scamper across the floor
past Security
towards the serious shelves
and there unhindered
classify themselves
platanus hybrida.

Something white, a seagull caught in a gust,
a sheet of paper skimmed the street,
unrolling like a proclamation
as it blew against my feet:
Guide to Assembly: Dynasty Bed.
Yes, that’s what it said.

I hope this fugitive paper means
the couple did bolt their bed together
and plant their dynasty,
and not that, lacking instructions,
they lost their way and had to
make love on the old settee.
David Gill

David Gill has been published in both issues of Borderlines that I have been published in, and I’d really like to meet him because I think his poems are great. Part 2 reminds me of a haibun I wrote about the wind in Cardiff. Part 3 is so warm and sweet.

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