Thursday, April 3, 2008

doctor who quotes -3 days

When the Doctor claims not to be a cat person in “Fear Her,” it seems he’s conveniently forgetting the selection of feline-themed badges that adorned his colorful apparel in his sixth incarnation. –Chris Howarth and Steve Lyons, The Completely Unofficial Doctor Who Encyclopedia

As I believe I told you long ago, Doctor, you will never amount to anything in the galaxy while you retain your propensity for vulgar facetiousness.
--Borusa (Robert Holmes, “The Deadly Assassin”)

There is no plot! I am being completely honest with you!
--King Peladon (Brian Hayles, “The Curse of Peladon”)

“What are problems for, if not to be solved?”
Trayx smiled. “To confound your enemies,” he said.
(Dreams of Empire)

Since this is Doctor Who, the show that tries not to suck and generally succeeds . . .
--Jacob Clifton

TV really doesn’t get better than this, ever.
--The Guardian Guide, of the 2005 season

The Doctor is like the Sphinx . . . he does not fear Time. Time fears the Doctor.
--Barusa, the Leekley Bible (Doctor Who: Regeneration)

It’s Doctor Who—I believe in everything!
--Julie Gardner

Clive Swift: I know that you all think that this is big world, this Who business. But it isn’t. There are much bigger things than this.
Benjamin Cook: Maybe, but it means a lot to a great many of us.
--DWM #391

It’s truly amazing, our favourite programme, isn’t it? I mean, I expected to be amused by Time Crash, I expected to be entertained; and then just when I thought it was over, Tennant flicked a switch and delivered the most beautiful paean to Doctor Who of long ago and to Davison’s wonderful, funny, young and energetic Doctor. And suddenly I was moved! --Andrew Buckley (DWM #390)

[As the Master is dying and refuses to regenerate]
The Tenth Doctor: It can’t end like this!
The Master: How about that? I win.
(Russell T Davies, “The Last of the Time Lords”)

You’d stand next to him in the studio and feel his presence. . . . He was a gentleman with it—no airs, graces or tantrums. Didn’t throw his weight around and tell the director what to do, whereas Tom Baker got out of his pram sometimes.
--Barry Newbery, of William Hartnell

The evidence is mounting that the Doctor’s lack of education could have caused him some serious ongoing problems. (Are you listening, kids? Stay in school!)
--Doctor Who Magazine #389

Doctor, it’s more fun this way.
--The Meddling Monk (Dennis Spooner, “The Time Meddler”)

Be vigilant, Doctor. Once you denied him the Key to Time, now you have thwarted him again. He will be waiting for the third encounter, and his power does not diminish.... While I exist, he exists also... until we are no longer needed.
--The White Guardian, of the Black Guardian (Barbara Clegg, “Enlightenment”)

You have the mouth of a prattling jackanapes, but your eyes, they tell a different story.
--Sharaz Jek, to the Doctor (Robert Holmes, “The Caves of Androzani”)

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