Friday, April 4, 2008

doctor who quotes -1 day

“Jealous?” the [Ninth] Doctor asked innocently.
“I'll wait here and finish my tea,” Rose said. “Don't want to cramp your style.” The Doctor grinned. “Such as it is,” Rose finished.
(Justin Richards, The Clockwise Man)

“Terribly sorry to have disturbed you,” [Harry] said. Off on werewolf patrol, but tripped over that rug. Don’t want it to get a hold of any more young women. The werewolf, I mean, not the rug.”
--Harry Sullivan (Jacqueline Rayner, Wolfsbane)

Sarah Jane: The new assistants are getting younger every year.
Rose: I’m not an assistant.
(Toby Whithouse, “School Reunion”)

I try never to discuss business with a clear head.
--Jack Harkness (“The Empty Child”)

By the time the Brigadier had made it halfway down the stairs he could see that the battered, blue police box had come together in his hallway. “Wonder which one I’ll get,” he murmured happily. (Justin Richards and Stephen Cole, Shadow in the Glass)

The first thing I learned was not to listen to him [the Doctor].
--Ace (Simon Guerrier, The Settling)

The Doc’s my responsibility.
--Tegan (“Frontios”)

Harriet Jones: They’re aliens!
The Ninth Doctor: Thanks, we know that.
Slitheen: You’re not human.
Harriet Jones: Who’s not human?
The Doctor: Do you mind a bit of hush?
Harriet Jones: What do you mean? He’s got a Northern accent.
Rose Tyler: Lots of planets have a north.
(“World War Three”)

Splendid fellows... all of you.
--The Brigadier, of the Doctor(s) (Terrance Dicks, “The Five Doctors”)

Your silliness is noted.
--K9 (Robert Holmes, “The Armageddon Factor”)

I find that cake is an excellent solution to many of life’s problems.
--Evelyn Smythe (The Marian Conspiracy)

Harriet Jones: But you’ll be killed!
Rose Tyler: Never stopped him [the Doctor].
(“The Christmas Invasion”)

I hate computers and refuse to be bullied by them.
--Zoe (“The Invasion”)

“What have you read in Cosmo, K9?”
“This,” he said simply. It was a two-page advert for a new brand of aftershave for men. Instead of the usual brawny hairy chest and denim shirt that one might reasonably expect in such a spread . . . Romana found herself staring at a photo of a model in rather scruffy tweeds and a singed-looking multi-coloured scarf. (Paul Magrs, “Suitors Inc.”)

I’m not dead, then.
--Sarah Jane (Wolfsbane)

Executioner: This needs to go over your head.
Hex: Doesn’t everything?
(The Settling)

The Sixth Doctor: I was him [the Second Doctor], he will be me.
Jamie: Then who will I be?
(“The Two Doctors”)

The Tenth Doctor: You’re a good dog.
K9: Affirmative!
(“School Reunion”)

“So what do you do exactly? You and the Doctor?” asked Janet.
“I get confused, mostly,” Peri told her. “And the Doctor, well, he does the confusing.” (Justin Richards, Grave Matter)

The Seventh Doctor: Time Lords have an infinite capacity for pretension.
Ace: I’ve noticed.
(Ben Aaronvitch, “Remembrance of the Daleks”)

[of the Doctor] He likes to travel with an entourage.
--Sarah Jane (“School Reunion”)

You don’t have a name. Don’t you ever get tired of being called the Doctor? Doctor Who?
--Rose Tyler (“The Empty Child”)

Pacifism only works when everyone feels the same.
--Ian Chesterson (“The Daleks”)

Is that all gibberish or do you really know what you’re talking about?
--The Brigadier (“The Invasion”)

The Doctor: When we were on the river we heard the unearthly babble of inhuman voices, didn't you, Romana?
Professor Chronotis: Oh, undergraduates talking to each other, I expect. I'm trying to have it banned.
(Douglas Adams, “Shada”)

Discussion is for the wise or the helpless and I am neither.
--Leela (David Agnew, “Underworld”)

As long as he does the job, he can wear what face he likes.
--The Brigadier (“The Three Doctors”)

The Ninth Doctor: I’m so glad I met you.
Rose: Me too.
(“The Unquiet Dead”)

He [the Eighth Doctor] was a very good-looking man. Pity he was barmy.
--Samantha Jones (Terrance Dicks, The Eight Doctors)

What did you say, my boy? It's all over?
That's what you said . . . but it isn't at all.
It's far from being all over. . .
(The First Doctor, “The Tenth Planet”)

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0tralala said...

Sarah Jane: The new assistants are getting younger every year.
Rose: I’m not an assistant.
(Toby Whithouse, “School Reunion”)

To which Sarah then says to the Doctor: Get you, tiger!