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doctor who quotes -5 days

David Tennant
David Tennant: People will say, ‘[adopts a Welsh accent] Where’s your scarf then?’
Peter Davison: Why in a Welsh accent?
David Tennant: Well . . . no . . . I mean, they’re not all Welsh!

In last issue's Space-Time Telegraph, DWM speculated that you and Christopher Eccleston will be challenging each other to water-pistol fights on stage at Doctor Who conventions in the year 2027.
I saw that! Yes, with a charmingly imagined picture of myself—I thought looked rather good for 60 or whatever. If that’s a genuine glimpse of the future, I’m quite pleased.

David Tennant: Your celery wasn’t real?!
Peter Davison: No, it was material.
David Tennant: I’m devastated.

Andrew Orton: Can I have your coat when you’re finished with it?
David Tennant: No.
--“You Ask David,” DWM #390

Sue Heal: Do you realize how sexy you are in the brown pinstripe suit?
David Tennant: Sexy in the pinstripe? . . . Well, I have nothing to say about my bum. Anything I say will condemn me to . . well, believe me, I didn’t . . . there was no . . . oh, I don’t know what to say.

Kim Fox: Do you find it strange that there are a lot of people out there thinking of questions such as these to ask you?
David Tennant: I find it slightly impossible. It’s very lovely, and I’ve enjoyed doing it, but it’s odd to relate any of this to oneself. There is an element of madness to being in Doctor Who. Perhaps on a slightly more serious note . . . My mother died earlier in the year, and people on the internet started raising money for the hospice that she died in, without any prompting, without me saying anything, just because of a job I do. I love what I do, and I try to do it absolutely to the best of my ability at all times, but that’s my job. The fact that it obviously means so much to people, and that they want to do something like that for somebody that they’ve never met, is very humbling and terribly, terribly moving. It meant such a lot, and was quite sort of breathtaking for myself and the whole family.

Silly Doctor Who Tips from the Official BBC homepage:
--Mobile phone owning Who fans: create your own fantastic 70's incidental music ringtone by randomly pressing keys in your phone's composer menu.
--Watch all your favourite 60's episodes in glorious technicolour by simply pasting Quality Street wrappers to your glasses.
--Obtain a realistic Sea Devil face by watching too many Bonnie Langford episodes.
--Pretend Doctor Who repeats are being shown again by taping or glueing pictures from your copy of DWM onto your television screen.
--Feeling poor? Borrow a TARDIS, go back to the 1960s and videotape all of the lost episodes. On your return to the present, you'll make your fortune.

When one has lived a long time alone,
one wants to live again among men and women,
to return to that place where one’s ties with the human
broke, where the disquiet of death and now also
of history glimmers its firelight on faces,
where the gaze of the new baby looks past the gaze
of the great granny, and where lovers speak,
on lips blowsy from kissing, that language
the same in each mouth, and like birds at daybreak
blether the song that is both earth’s and heaven’s,
until the sun has risen, and they stand
in the daylight of being made one: kingdom come,
when one has lived a long time alone.

--Galway Kinnell, “When One Has Lived a Long Time Alone”

Life is short and you are hot.
--Billy Shipton (Steven Moffat, “Blink”)

The dead don’t die on schedule.
--Charles Dickens (Mark Gatiss, “The Unquiet Dead”)

For 40 years, the Doctor’s been one of my best friends. He’s a tough old bird. Against all odds—both alien and executive—originality, imagination and a lot of love always win through.
--Marc Platt (writer of “Ghost Light”)

The fourth humanoid had short reddish-brown cranial fur and the differently constructed thorax that according to the Sontaran Recognition Manual Know Your Alien marked humanoid females.
(Terrance Dicks, The Eight Doctors)

Following the spat, Peri dives into the sea. Just as she’s about to drown, Turlough kicks off his shorts and dives in to save her. “Now Turlough’s getting his kit off, too!” says Peter. “I only hope the Doctor stays decent.”
--The Time Team review of “Planet of Fire” from Doctor Who Magazine #386

Few things are so exhilarating as being shot at without result!
--Winston Churchill, Players

When I got the script, there was the word TARDIS, and I didn’t know what it meant. I looked it up in the dictionary, couldn’t find it, phoned my agent and said, ‘What’s a TARDIS?’ He laughed so hard, he put the phone down on me.
--Naoko Mori, on being cast in “Aliens of London” (2005)

Mr Saxon: So America is completely in charge?
President Winters: Since Britain elected an ass, yes.
(Russell T Davies, “The Sound of Drums”)

He wears yellow trousers and a vulgarly coloured coat, but tread carefully—he's treacherous.
--The Master, of the Doctor (Pip and Jane Baker, “The Mark of the Rani”)

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