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doctor who quotes -7 days

Sylvester McCoy
Uh...It's mainly me that I'll be bringing [to the role of the Doctor]. You have to find out who I am really and it's very difficult to talk about who I am because if I knew who I was I wouldn't be an actor. Because people who really know themselves, they don't do anything 'cause they're quite satisfied. But those that don't can rush around saying, “well maybe I'm him...maybe I'm Richard the Third...” Or...someone...

Right, let’s cut to the big issues: have you always been able to roll your r’s?
Well, yes. It’s part of the way Scots speak. They roll their r’s. The English, they’re very lazy with that. It’s a genetic thing. R-r-r-r-r-r!
Yeah, I can’t do it. I’ve really tried.
[Guffaws] You put your tongue up to the palate of your mouth. R-r-r-r-r-r! You must be able to learn it, cos we’re all the same as babies, only I was born in Scotland, where they roll their r’s, and you were born in England, where they don’t. You’re not even tr-r-r-r-r-ying!
I’ll have to give a master class. Part of my Doctor Who was to r-r-r-r-roll his r’s.

I did suggest that I use the umbrella [as my costume in the Doctor Who movie] and they said no. But they wanted the hat, which I thought was great, because I went to the original Doctor Who audition for John-Nathan Turner wearing my hat, and that was why I got the job. . . . it was great that I got shot wearing it at the end. It went with me from the beginning to the end of my journey through Doctor Who.

I’m incapable of saying no. That’s why my life has been as it is. I believe in the philosophy of yes. I’ve always said yes. I can’t say no. Good job I wasn’t a girl.
Or a bank manager.
Yes, quite.

[asked if he would like to return to Doctor Who the TV series] I would obviously not do any of my stunts now. I’d just like to sit down in a chair and let someone else fall off a building. Especially with running down corridors—let someone else run.

You were wrong to get rid of it [Doctor Who].

The Eighth Doctor
I love humans. Always seeing patterns that aren’t there. (Matthew Jacobs, The Doctor Who Movie aka The Enemy Within)

I make my own luck. (Jonathan Morris, Anachrophobia)

“I too have traveled,” the man replied, meeting Nepath’s gaze. “Extensively, I expect.” “You don’t seem very certain,” Nepath said.
“Only scientists are certain. Those of us who have traveled, explored, discovered, who have been to places undreamed of, seen sights that science cannot and never will explain, we keep an open mind.”
(Justin Richards, The Burning)

“Is your plan wise, Doctor?” asked Romana, the doubt evident in her voice.
“Are they ever?” said Fitz to himself.
“Trust me,” he replied. “I’m the Doctor.”
(Peter Anghelides and Stephen Cole, The Ancestor Cell)

“People like you will always try to stand in the way of progress.”
“Well, progress would be wonderful if only it would . . . stop.”
. . . “Be reasonable, Doctor.”
“Reasonable people adapt themselves to the universe; it’s the unreasonable who seek to change it.”
(Stephen Cole, To the Slaughter)

Who are you?

I am the Doctor.

What are you the “doctor” of?

Many things. Temporal engineering, metaphysics, archeology, history, quantum mechanics, astronomy, medicine . . . the things one must know.

I have a PhD. in physics, and I have never heard of temporal engineering . . .

It hasn’t been invented yet.

Can you “engineer” time?

Let’s just say that I’m a tinkerer.
--the First Draft of Doctor Who by John Leekley, 24 August 1994 (Doctor Who: Regeneration)

“That’s quite all right, Doctor,” Betty said. “It’s the thought that counts.”
“I know, I know,” the Doctor assured her. “And thoughts are so much more difficult than gifts.”
(The Burning)

I’m not entirely sure how many times I’ve saved the universe now. You stop counting after the first two or three. (Jacqueline Rayner, Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins)

“Some mercury would be nice too.”
“Perhaps you could go to hell.”
“If hell is other people, I’ve a suspicion I’m already there.”
(To the Slaughter)

“No!” blazed the Doctor. “I will not captain a vessel of war, Compassion. I will not allow you to destroy any more lives. It’s evil.”
“It is necessary,” she replied.
“I don’t believe that. I don’t believe there can ever be a necessary evil. Or the lesser of two evils. It’s always evil.”
(Peter Anghelides and Stephen Cole, The Ancestor Cell)

I have never given up walking onwards, forcing myself to take one step after another, however rocky the road. (Jacqueline Rayner, Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins)
“Who are you?” Stobbold asked. . . .
“That is something,” he eventually replied, “that I must find out for myself.”
“Is it . . . is it something you really want to know?”
“Yes. Yes it is.”
(The Burning)

Rachel: Are you reading my mind?
The Doctor: No. Would you like me to?
(Lance Parkin, The Gallifrey Chronicles)

Odd business, time. Those rocks have endured for billions of years. To me, that makes them precious. Whereas human lives are over in a blink of an eye . . . And that makes them more precious than anything else. Anything. (To the Slaughter)


just Ivy said...

I feel enlighted in reading your quotes. You're gonna get me hooked on the doc.

Le Mc said...

So glad you like them. I hope I get you hooked on the Doc. Thanks for reading!

LSJansen said...

Another quote from To the Slaughter Stephen Cole (pg. 267):
The Doctor: From time to time we may all come to resent the clutter of the past. The Thought of clearing it all out can be irresistible-it can feel liberating to let it all go. You could say you're left with a blank canvas, a fresh start ... Or you could say you're left with nothing at all.

The Heart of TARDIS, by Dave Stone [on the subject of humans]
The Doctor: You know, it never ceases to amaze me. You people pick up things faster than almost everybody else in the known universe - concepts and processes for which others strive for millennia before they so much as begin to grasp them - and then you just bang them together until they go boom.